New Look


So, the next post in the series was supposed to cover setting up Ghost on my Web Faction server and configuring everything.

However, I started working on building out a Ghost theme and have it at a point where I'd like to start testing it out.

The theme is currently only optimized for mobile display sizes and has very little focus on serving content to older browsers. By very little, I mean basically none at all. I am tired of old browsers holding everything back and have decided to not support them in my personal work.

It was built content-first and mobile-second and Accessibility and Customization have been emphasized. Further Accessibility and SEO enhancements will follow.

The theme is nowhere near done, but the free Ghost themes just weren't doing it for me, so at least this is a start in a better direction.

There will be a future post detailing all of the customizations and how I built them in, but for now, you can download Alchemy on GitHub.

Sidenote: This site has been stuck behind a 502 error for a few weeks now, but it's finally restored. A valuable lesson was learned: Lesson Three: Avoid one-click installers for things that are either a) in beta or b) don't have auto-updaters.

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