PhoneGap Build and BeanStalk git Repositories


I’m starting on a mobile app project and decided to try out PhoneGap Build.

It already has built in integration with GitHub, but we host our private work repos on BeanStalk, so that didn’t help very much.

After some Googling, I came across this post about integrating PhoneGap Build with BitBucket repos. I checked with BeanStalk’s support staff to make sure that this same thing would work for their git repos.

All you need to do is add username:password@ between https:// and, and you’re good to go.

The URL that you paste into PhoneGap Build should look like this (all of the items in brackets ([]) will be specific to your account and repo: https://[username]:[password]@[account][reponame].git

NOTE: Make sure that you URL encode any special characters in your password or you’ll get an error every time. I spent a good amount of time trying unsuccessfully to get this working because of not URL encoding a special character. Also, make sure that you have selected the Private tab when adding the app to PhoneGap Build.

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