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The Alchemy Theme for Ghost is becoming even more extendable with support for skins.

It currently has two skins:

  • Alchemy - the default skin, it's what you're seeing on this site
  • Security - a darker skin, you can see it in action at my InfoSec journal, Interweb Security

The next items on the Alchemy Roadmap are:

  1. Better experience and design on larger screen sizes
  2. More built-in skins
  3. Ability to customize skin colors via config/config.js
  4. Create documentation explaining the configuration options
  5. Beta release to Ghost theme repository


The next item on my Ghost list after Alchemy is in beta involves figuring out the ghost_head plugin filter so that I can replace the RSS feed link in the header with a FeedPress link, or looking at the source and trying to contribute a pull request that makes this a configurable option because it is definitely needed.

I'm still really liking the Ghost platform, though I haven't found a good local development solution for it yet. I need to research a bit more and get that worked out.


Both Interweb Alchemy and Interweb Security are now being served via HTTPS. Finding a decently affordable single-domain wildcard certificate took a bit of research, but I landed on NameCheap as the best option.

I was also going to hook up CloudFlare, but then realized I think you have to pay for the $200/month plan if you want to use your own SSL certificate.

Though I enjoy my blogging when I actually do it, I can't jusitfy spending $200/month on it. But, if you haven't bought an SSL certificate for your site yet, definitely look into CloudFlare.

Interweb Security

I'm diving into the InfoSec world and will be keeping a journal of my triumphs and failures at Interweb Security.

The separate blog serves two purposes:

  1. It let me easily test the skin functionality of Alchemy.
  2. It lets me easily separate the content of the blogs in a logical manner since it isn't easy to split posts into separate pages via categories yet with Ghost. If this becomes simpler in the future, I may merge them back together.
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